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Clinical Research

We are currently working on a variety of formal scientific research projects, including several registered clinical trials. Here is an overview of our studies in progress, and we are excited to share those results with you as they become available:

Clinical Outcomes: Multi-Center Studies Looking at How the Neubie Impacts Physical Therapy Outcomes

We are working with several large physical therapy practices around the country to examine how incorporating the NEUBIE into clinical practice can impact outcomes. 

Orthopedic One (Ohio) has partnered with us to compare the outcomes for patients using the standard-of-care physical therapy protocols to recover from orthopedic surgery. 

Health in Motion (Wisconsin) has partnered with us to look at how using the NEUBIE with patients impacts functional change and patient satisfaction as reported in FOTO (Focus on Therapeutic Outcomes), a national database of physical therapy outcome measures.

The Keystone Functional Restoration Program (California) has partnered with us to investigate how the use of the NEUBIE impacts long-term outcomes like the range of motion, strength, and pain in recovery from an orthopedic injury.

Underlying Mechanisms: How the Neubie Impacts the Cellular Processes Related to Muscle Hypertrophy

We are working with the Muscle Laboratory at the University of South Florida (U.S.F.), led by Dr. Sam Buckner, Ph.D., to look at what happens at a biochemical and structural level as the body recovers from a NEUBIE session. The results of Dr. Buckner’s research have shown that no-load training with the NEUBIE stimulates muscle fibers to achieve similar muscle growth to high-load resistance training (see Published Studies for more info). Further research from Dr. Buckner’s lab on long-term training outcomes is underway.

Measuring the Autonomic Response to NeuFit Sessions

In partnership with BioStrap Labs, we measured the impact of regular NEUBIE sessions on various biomarkers, like heart rate variability (HRV), sleep quality, and blood flow (see Published Studies for more info). Our results show that the NEUBIE improves sleep efficiency and increases HRV, which is a powerful indicator of parasympathetic nervous system function and has profound effects on overall health, recovery, and the ability to handle physical, psychological, and emotional stress. We are working in partnership with BrainTap to examine the impact of vagal nerve stimulation through the Master Reset protocol and BrainTap guided meditation on biomarkers of health and wellness in athletes.

Studying the Effect of NeuFit on Neurological Populations

We have partnered with hospital systems specializing in working with neurological diseases and disorders to evaluate the effect of the use of the NEUBIE on the management of symptoms and recovery. 

Baylor, Scott, and White (Texas) are executing case studies on the ability of the NEUBIE to restore function in patients who have had a stroke. Centura Health (Colorado) has partnered with us for a registered clinical trial investigating the management of MS symptoms with the NEUBIE. 

In partnership with Dr. Dimitrios Kostopoulos, founder of Hands On Diagnostics (multiple states), we are completing a multi-center study to measure the impact of NEUBIE treatments (targeted nerve stimulation and foot bath) on symptoms of peripheral neuropathy like numbness and pain. 

Dr. Linda Denney, DPT and professor at the new Tufts University Doctor of Physical Therapy program, is investigating the use of the NEUBIE for strength training related to Parkinson’s Disease. 

Dr. Kristopher Bosela, DPT and professor at the Ithaca College Doctor of Physical Therapy program, is investigating the diagnostic capabilities of the NEUBIE Mapping/Scanning process in comparison with diagnostic ultrasound and manual evaluations.

Post-Surgical Outcomes: How the Neubie Impacts Post-Surgical Pain and Recovery Time

Partnerships with well-regarded surgeons and hospital systems are ongoing to examine the ability of the NEUBIE to help manage post-surgical pain and recovery time. In partnership with the Piazza Surgical Center and The Dell Medical School at the University of Texas, Austin, we are examining the use of the NEUBIE to improve pain and recovery time after abdominoplasty. St. Joseph’s Hospital (Arizona) has partnered with us on a case series to determine the impact of the NEUBIE immediately after thoracic operations for pain management.

Published Studies

We are excited to share our completed commercial studies and academic/clinical research studies published in scientific journals. Please refer to the publications below and the associated content. As more studies are completed, they will be added to this growing list of exciting work that showcases the many uses of the NEUBIE in health and disease. 

The Muscular Response to the Neubie Device VS. Traditional Resistance Exercise

In this study, we compared acute changes in muscle thickness, isometric torque, and soreness before and up to 48 hours following no resistance training with the Neubie vs. traditional high-load resistance training.

Location: University of South Florida Muscle Laboratory | Director: Professor of Exercise Science, Dr. Samuel Buckner, PhD

Investigating the therapeutic effects of Neubie Direct Current Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation treatment on pain, range of motion, and biometrics measured by the Biostrap wrist-worn photoplethysmography (PPG) device

Longoria, Kevin, Martin, Kerry, Gielen, Willem, & Von Leden, Ramona. (2021).

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