Meet the Neubie

NeuFit has been proud to co-sponsor and participate in numerous scientific studies with universities, hospitals, and clinics, all of which have demonstrated the effectiveness of the Neubie and the NeuFit method in speeding up the rehab process.

The Neubie, an FDA-cleared and patented device, has helped thousands of patients achieve an improved range of motion, increased strength, and pain-free movement. Its ability to target specific areas of pain or muscle movement limitations with direct current signals has resulted in exceptional patient outcomes. Experience the benefits of the NeuFit method and Neubie device for yourself.

Benefits of Adding The Neubie to Your Curriculum


Introducing Students to Cutting-Edge Technologies in Therapy: Preparing for the Future of Rehabilitation


Understanding the Benefits and Limitations of Electrical Stimulation Therapy: When and Why to Use E-Stim


Comparing Electrical Stimulation Therapy to Other Forms of Rehabilitation, and How to Use it to Optimize the Process of Neuromuscular Re-education


Hands-On Training with a Versatile Device for Use with Neuro and Orthopedic Patients

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What are the requirements?

To add this device and methodology to your classroom, we require the following:

  • You must teach an e-stim, modalities, or other relevant clinical course.
  • Have basic familiarity with electrical stimulation
  • Complete our Intro to NeuFit Course