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“Humans are resilient. In fact, we’re built to endure trauma. Whether facing chronic pain, invasive surgery, or debilitating injury, we’re capable of healing, repairing, and adapting to return even stronger. But sometimes the road to recovery feels like a journey with no end. During these times, we need a new path forward with an ally in healing that’s been there all along: the nervous system.

The nervous system works on our behalf, protecting, adapting, and taking its cues from the signals it receives. Sometimes the protection can go overboard, limiting performance and impeding recovery. But with the right neurological inputs, we can unlock a direct path to restored health and higher performance.

In The NeuFit Method, Garrett Salpeter helps you reconnect with the nervous system and improve outcomes at every stage of rehab and fitness. Based on Garrett’s proprietary NeuFit methodology and Neubie technology, the solutions in this book will introduce you to a framework for overcoming virtually any physiological challenge. Take the first step in enhancing recovery, boosting performance, and optimizing health in ways you never thought possible.”

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