Featured Grant Recipient

Our most recent grant winner is Functional Foundations Pediatric Therapy, a pediatric practice founded to create a community for children receiving therapy for complex physical and medical limitations and their families. They qualified for our grant program because a majority of the children they treat are on Medicaid, making it difficult for their clinic to pay for the most effective equipment. With the Neubie device, they help restore function for their patients, enabling the children to have more experiences commonly enjoyed by their developing peers.

"It took us a few weeks to feel comfortable introducing the device to our patients as we first took the time to learn about how to use it and then try it out on ourselves to get a feel for it. However, this week we did and it has been very well received!!! We allow parents to try it first and feel how it feels and then, with each child’s permission, place it on the child. In this picture we are using it to help bring some sensory awareness and strengthening to this child’s triceps in a weight bearing position. He is developing contractures in his elbows due to using UE flexion patterns for stability. We followed this up with applying kinesiology tape to facilitate wrist extension and elbow extension. His Mom is so excited about having a different approach with her son!"


  • To help people who might not otherwise be able to access the latest and greatest technology in the PT space.

  • To get people back to doing what they love.

  • To reduce dependence on pain medications.

  • To spread the Electric Love!

To be eligible your clinic must demonstrate that you:

  • Serve an underserved population in the physical therapy or other clinical space

  • Wish to make a difference in people’s lives and get them back to doing what they love

  • Commit to the NeuFit Core Values

So, if you are a business owner who strives to give back to your community in an impactful way, we invite you to apply for this program.

If you end up loving the results and impact you are making in your community with our technology and methods, we will work out a special discount and payment terms for you to keep using your Neubie device!