A New You at NeuFit in 2019

Get fit at NeuFit

Greetings NeuFitters!

Here are 5 reasons why NeuFit classes are a kick-ass choice to smash your New Year's resolutions:

1. ACHIEVE RESULTS FASTER Harnessing the Neubie's power of neuromuscular re-education, NeuFit workouts help you recruit more muscle than you ever can on your own. This means more work done in each session, and faster results.

2. PUSH YOURSELF, SAFELY Because the Neubie helps you recruit more muscle, you can get the benefits of lifting very heavy weights - but with a fraction of the strain on your joints and much lower risk of injury.

3. COST EFFECTIVE NeuFit Classes have a limited group size, so you still get some individual attention, and it costs less than half of a typical personal training session.

4. TIME EFFICIENT Each class is 45 minutes (with the exception of the postpartum moms classes, which are 60 minutes). We realize you have things to do, so we are really pleased to offer these efficient workouts that can fit into busy schedules.

5. SMART AND FUN In order to get results in any area of life, you need FOCUS. One of the great things about these classes is the opportunity to focus wherever you most want to work. You can pick a class to focus on your booty, arms, legs, or upper body. Of course in the postpartum class we will cover the entire body, because we know those mommas are multi-taskers ;) In addition to being focused, the classes are also fun. The Neubie has a way of 'stimulating' energy in the room, and it leads to a fun environment with major camaraderie and enthusiasm.



6pm Legs Class


6pm Upper Body (Chest/Back) Class


7:30am Postpartum Mom's Class

9am Core Class

10am Booty Class

11am Bicep Class


$50 per class, or

$40 each when you buy a package of 5 or more.

To see the best results we recommend 2-3 NeuFit workouts per week for most people, which can be a blend of these classes along with semi-private or one-on-one training sessions.


Space is limited to 8 people per class. Click the links above to be directed to your MindBody account & reserve your spot in the classes of your choice OR just give us a call at 512-225-6909 and we will be happy to get you set up.

Cheers to a great 2019!

Team NeuFit

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