Healing after ChildBirth with NeuFit

Activate abdominals after diastasis

This is a post that's very dear to my (Garrett's) heart. It's about my wife's experience with preparing for birth, delivering our children, and recovering from the diastasis that she had after our 2nd daughter. I was amazed to watch her deliver both children, totally naturally. (Big thanks to the midwives at the Austin Birthing Center, where she delivered both times). Part of what made the experience so awesome was seeing how empowering it was for her to rely on her body to do the special task that it was made to do. One of the things that she credits with preparing her to be able to deliver without any drugs was our preparatory workouts. She learned how to handle intense stimulation, while still staying as mentally calm as possible. Ultimately, that is the same skill set that is required to successfully give birth. And it was amazing to see that ability in action, particularly with our second daughter (in photo above) who came out at 9.5 lbs. After the second birth, she had to deal with something that did not happen after the first: Diastasis Recti. This involves a separation of the of abdominal wall, and is something that most people don't even know about until it happens. Millions of moms have it after being pregnant.

Our strategy for addressing this was 3-fold: Picture 1 (Above)- Use the NEUBIE to help activate the abdominal musculature that is so often "dead" after pregnancy and birth.

Posture work for diastasis recti

Picture 2 (Above)- Work on posture, particularly establishing a more neutral pelvis. When the pelvis tilts forward, the organs push out against the abdominal wall. This can prevent the two sides from healing back together.

Picture 3 (Above)- Both with and without the NEUBIE, a lot of work on exercises that draw in the abdomen rather than push it out. If dealing with a diastasis, it's a good idea to avoid abdominal crunches or plank type exercises. Even though they work the ab muscles, they tend to cause outward pressure on the abdominal wall. That pressure will keep driving the gap open rather than helping it close. Here, she is doing a "vacuum" draw-in.

In summary, NeuFit can help postpartum mothers reconnect with their abdominal muscles and also help her heal her pelvic floor. After the work we do in the clinic with the use of our patented electric stimulation device, the NEUBIE, we will send you home with exercises to continue to practice daily and can also recommend a healthy eating plan. With consistency, a woman can get back to feeling great in her body after childbirth. If you are planning on getting pregnant within a year, you can come and train your body to prepare for the work of labor.

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