We have recently initiated our first few formal, scientific research projects and are excited to share the results with you as they come available!

Clinical Research: A Multi-Center Study Looking at Post-Surgical Outcomes


  • We are working with Orthopedic One, of Columbus, Ohio, and Arrowhead Orthopedics of Southern California, to compare the outcomes for patients using the standard-of-care physical therapy protocols to recover from orthopedic surgery and patients using NeuFit.

Underlying Mechanisms: Preliminary Studies on the Physiology of Muscular Adaptation

  • We are working with the Muscle Physiology Laboratory at the University of South Florida (U.S.F.), led by at led by Dr. Sam Buckner, Ph.D., to look at what happens at a biochemical and structural level as the body recovers from a NEUBIE session. One of the current hypotheses being evaluated is that the NEUBIE can be used to create muscle hypertrophy without external load.

Additional work with Neurological Populations

  • We are exploring opportunities to work with medical institutions to quantify how the NEUBIE may benefit patients recovering from stroke and how it impacts spasticity in patients who have M.S.

Measuring the autonomic response to NEUBIE

  • We are working with two very sophisticated tools for measuring biomarkers, like heart rate variability (HRV), and how they are impacted by the NEUBIE. Early data is showing that the NEUBIE does increase HRV, which is a powerful indicator of parasympathetic nervous system function and has profound effects on overall health, recovery, and the ability to handle physical, psychological, and emotional stress.

We believe in supporting scientific research on emerging technology such as our Neubie device. It is our policy to pay up to 10% of soft costs incurred as a result of performing research on this technology.
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