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The course is broken up into short videos, each covering an individual concept, technique, or exercise. As you go through the course the first time, you can use it to gain familiarity and competence with the material. After the course , you will continue to have access for as long as you're working with us. You can use it as a resource library to refer back to when you need to review a technique or find new ways to try treating it in certain situations. Upon completion of the course, you will automatically be provided with a NeuFit Certified Practitioner Certificate which qualifies for 25 continuing education credits from NeuFit.

Course Introduction
  • Why Does NeuFit Exist?

  • How to use this course

  • Live Q&A Dates

  • Level 1 Course Manual

Foundational Neurological Concepts
  • Goals for Level 1 Certification

  • The Brain's #1 Priority

  • The Nervous System is a Feedback Loop

  • Inputs

  • Outputs

  • Inputs and Outputs in Practice

  • Output Based vs Input Based Approach

  • Proprioception

  • Resilience

  • The Protect-Perform Continuum

  • A Modern Understanding of Pain and the Threat Bucket

Muscle Testing and Activations of the Lower Body
  • Flow of a Treatment Session

  • Introduction to Muscle Testing and Activations

  • Laying Down a Foundation for Testing

  • Guidelines for Performing Muscle Tests

  • Lower Body Muscle Testing

  • Posterior Tests

  • Why Do Activations Work?

  • Important Note About Activations

  • Instructions for Performing Muscle Activations

  • Psoas and Diaphragm Activations

  • Quad and Lateral Sling Activations

  • Glute and Hamstring Activations
    Muscle Testing for the Foot and Lower Leg

  • Lower Leg Activations

DC Technology and the Neubie
  • AC vs DC Current

  • Indications and Contraindications for Use

Mapping and Treatment Processes for the Lower Body
  • Lower Body Primary Scan

  • Secondary Scan

  • Lower Body Treatment

Joint Mobilizations of the Lower Body
  • Intro to Mobilizations

  • Foot and Ankle Mobilizations

  • Knee Mobilizations

  • Hip Mobilizations

  • Lumbar Spine Mobilizations

Muscle Testing and Activations of the Upper Body
  • Upper Body Muscle Tests

  • Abdominals and Neck Flexors

  • Lat, Pec and Trap Activations

  • Rotator Cuff Activations

  • Pronators and Supinators

  • Upper Body Retesting

  • Secondary Activation Points for the

  • Upper Body

Mapping and Treatment Processes for the Upper Body
  • Primary Scan for the Upper Body

  • Secondary Scan for the Upper Body

  • Upper Body Treatment

Joint Mobilizations of the Upper Body
  • Cervical and TMJ Mobilizations

  • Thoracic Spine Mobilizations

  • Shoulder Mobilizations

  • Elbow Mobilizations

  • Hand and Wrist Mobilizations

  • Additional Important Points for Joint Mobilizations

Special Techniques with the Neubie
  • Master Reset

  • Foot Bath

  • Hand Bath

  • Using the Neubie on the Neck and Jaw

Introduction to Nerve Glides
  • Introduction to Nerve Glides

  • Accessory Nerve Glide

  • Facial and Trigeminal Nerve Glides

  • Axillary Nerve Glide

  • Suprascapular Nerve Glide

  • Musculocutaneous Nerve Glide

  • Radial Nerve Glide

  • Median and Ulnar Nerve Glides

  • Tibial, Peroneal and Sural Nerve Glides

  • Femoral Nerve Glide

  • Obturator Nerve Glide

  • Saphenous Nerve Glide

  • Using Nerve Glides as a Warm-Up

Special Topics
  • Working with Neurological Populations

  • Testimonials

  • Working with Post-Surgical Populations

Introduction to Training with the Neubie
  • Moving Along the Bridge from

  • Rehab to Fitness

  • Stress Physiology

  • Heart Rate Variability

  • Breathing and the SAID Principle

  • Safety and Effects of Different Frequencies

  • Body Weight Movements with the Neubie

  • Introduction to ERAs

  • ERA Lunge

  • ERA Push Up

  • Introduction to Yielding Isometrics

  • Yielding Isometric Lateral Raise

Talking About the Neubie
  • Introducing the Neubie to Potential Clients

  • NeuFit Napkin Pitch

  • What is NeuFit?

What other practitioners say

This is the most effective and advanced electrostimulation therapy that I've ever encountered in my life. The Neubie unit hold a hallowed place in my gym - I highly recommend you purchase one for yourself!

Ben Greenfield
NYT Bestselling Author, Host of Ben Greenfield Fitness Podcast

After just a couple sessions I could feel the difference and became a believer. I used it through the entirety of the playoffs.

Anthony Rendon MLB-LA Angels
Major League Baseball All-Star, World Series Champion

In my first NeuFit session, I reversed my chronic foot pain and was able to wear normal shoes for the first time in months. I'm able to use it for efficient training sessions &  to stay ahead of pains that come up - including heading off headaches before they become migranes.

Amy Myers, M.D.
2x NYT Bestselling Author, International Leader in Functional Medicine

I consider NeuFit to be the very best at utilizing electrical stimulation & exercise to rehabilitate those who have had a traumatic spinal cord injury, stroke or MS (or other neuromuscular disease).

Terry Wahls, M.D.
Author of The Wahls Protocol, Medical School Professor, Researcher

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