The NeuFit Method & The Neubie

We believe that the most powerful and transformative way to help people recover from pain and injury is to work with something that’s often overlooked in the traditional medical model - the nervous system. 

What We Believe

The Nervous System is Paramount

The Nervous System controls virtually everything about the body. When you work neurologically, you can change everything else for the better - and do it much faster.

Technology Enhances Natural Processes, It Doesn't Replace Them

We use technology to help the body become more efficient with its own processes. With the right signals, your body has the opportunity to heal itself from injury, build muscle, and create good health.

We Provide A Safe Environment, So You Can Push Beyond Your Comfort Zone

Traditional rehab and training often have lackluster results because there is not enough of the right type of stimulation. We stimulate the nervous system to help people heal, adapt, and grow.

The NeuFit System

Watch this short films showing the range of experiences that clients have had using NeuFit for rehabilitation and fitness. 

Three Steps to Optimal Recovery


The “software” of the nervous system controls everything related to health, recovery, and performance. We map your body to precisely identify the underlying nervous system issues that delay recovery and contribute to pain.



We use the NEUBIE to change those neurological patterns and very quickly re-educate those areas back to more normal, optimal functioning. This often leads to...



By working through these restrictions, you can tap into the range of motion, strength, and capacity for pain-free movement that you had all along - it was just lying dormant, unable to be expressed.​

Who's Using The NeuFit System & Neubie Device?

Watch this 30 second video to see how retired NFL Quarterback, Trent Dilfer, is using NeuFit to help his high school football team recover faster. 







I consider NeuFit to be the very best at utilizing electrical stimulation & exercise to rehabilitate those who have had a traumatic spinal cord injury, stroke or MS (or other neuromuscular disease).

This is the most effective and advanced electrostimulation therapy that I've ever encountered in my life. The Neubie unit hold a hallowed place in my gym - I highly recommend you purchase one for yourself!

After just a couple sessions I could feel the difference and became a believer. I used it through the entirety of the playoffs.

In my first NeuFit session, I reversed my chronic foot pain and was able to wear normal shoes for the first time in months. I'm able to use it for efficient training sessions &  to stay ahead of pains that come up - including heading off headaches before they become migranes.

Check Out the Results We're Getting!


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