Introduce the Future of Rehabilitation

Equip your students with the knowledge of the Neubie, the revolutionary device redefining how we approach rehabilitation, neurological conditions, and chronic pain.

Empowering Clinical Education

Electrical stimulation has proven to be an effective method of aiding recovery from various medical conditions. With the addition of advanced direct current technology via the Neubie® and specialized protocols and applications for use, practitioners can pinpoint the source of dysfunction and treat their patients more efficiently and effectively.

At NeuFit®, we believe in empowering physical therapists and chiropractors with the best tools possible to help as many patients as possible heal, adapt, and grow. That’s why we partner with physical therapy schools, providing them with Neubie® devices to add to their curriculum. Join us in bringing the future of rehabilitation to your students.


Meet the Neubie

The Neubie, an FDA-cleared and patented device, has helped thousands of patients achieve an improved range of motion, increased strength, and pain-free movement. Its ability to target specific areas of pain or muscle movement limitations with direct current signals has resulted in exceptional patient outcomes. 

The Neubie is currently taught in over 20 university and college programs for physical therapy, athletic training, and chiropractic. We believe that today’s student should have access to the most up-to-date tools and technologies in their clinical space, and we are proud to offer partnerships with institutions to add the Neubie to modalities curriculums.

Further, NeuFit is proud to co-sponsor and collaborate in numerous scientific studies with universities, hospitals, and clinics, all of which have demonstrated the effectiveness of the Neubie and the NeuFit Method in speeding up the rehab process. 


The Neubie is a Breakthrough
in Rehab Technology

Endorsed by scientific research and FDA approval, the Neubie device has redefined rehabilitation and facilitated thousands of success stories.


Enhancing Your Educational
Offering With The Neubie

Cutting-Edge Therapeutic

Prepare your students for the future by introducing them to the forefront of therapeutic innovation.

Provide Practical, Hands-On Experience

Provide students with the opportunity to apply their learning in real-world scenarios, using the Neubie for neuro and orthopedic patient care.

Broaden Understanding of Application

Dive into the advantages and considerations of electrical stimulation therapy, learning when and why it's the best choice.

Comparative Analysis

Equip students with the knowledge to compare electrical stimulation therapy against other rehabilitation methods for optimal neuromuscular re-education.

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What Are The Requirements?

  • You must teach an e-stim, modalities, or other relevant clinical course in a clinical curriculum at a College or University
  • Must have familiarity working with electrical stimulation
  • Complete training on how to use the Neubie through our online CEU accredited NeuFit Practitioner Certification course

Interested in Learning More?

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*Because the Neubie Device is the maximum power allowed by law, there are certain regulations imposed by the United States FDA. Neubie may only be sold to an individual by or on the order of a licensed practitioner. Neubie may only be used commercially by a licensed practitioner or under the supervision of a licensed practitioner whose scope of practice covers the use of electrical modalities.