"In my first NeuFit session, I reversed my chronic foot pain and was able to wear normal shoes for the first time in months. I liked their approach so much that I got my own NEUBIE to use at home, where I'm able to use it for very efficient training sessions and to stay ahead of any aches and pains that come up - including heading off headaches before they become migraines."

– Amy Myers, MD

Two-time New York Times Best Selling Author & Internationally Acclaimed Functional Medicine Physician

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How the The NeuFit® System Works
  • 1

    Manual Muscle Testing & Activation

    Get muscles back "on-line" so they can support you during the recovery process.

  • 2

    Scan the Body for Dysfunction or

    Trigger Points

    Find the spots where the body is protecting or shutting down due to pain or injury.

  • 3


    Use the NEUBIE to teach those muscles to work at an even higher level, increase blood flow, and set up the body for optimal recovery.

  • 4


    Feel Better, Faster!

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Who's Using The NeuFit® System
& Neubie® Device?


  • The Washington Nationals

  • Chicago Cubs

  • Los Angeles Clippers

  • San Jose Sharks


  • University of Texas

  • Ohio State University

  • Georgia Tech

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