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Neufit helps people access the power of their neurology to heal, adapt and grow.

There is a change happening in the PT and fitness industries. In our technological society, when the world's information is available On-Demand, people expect instant gratification in their rehabilitation as well.


When injured or in pain, today's patients want to feel better as fast as possible. For many, the thought of having to do PT is a chore. It is a hassle. No one has time, energy, or patience for it - especially if it isn't going to generate immediate results.  


We know that traditional PT helps, but we also see PT's looking for new methods so that you can provide faster and better outcomes for your patients. Many of you are looking "outside-the-box," with training in new manual techniques, IASTM, BFR, dry needling, cupping, and upgraded exercise protocols and progressions.  


Are you looking at any of these techniques and modalities as a way to differentiate yourself & improve your outcomes? If so, you will be very interested in the NeuFit® System and

Neubie® Device.

Based on reports from our PT's, The NeuFit Treatment System is a tool that could help 90+% of your patients make tangible progress on their first visit! In addition to improving outcomes, PT's have also told us (just like in Jason's video above) that adding NeuFit has been a boost for their business as well. They tell us NeuFit has allowed them to stand out within their communities and generate more referrals from their patients than ever before.


It's also a tool that is increasingly being used by some of the best professional sports teams and university athletic programs, as well as individually by many of the world's top athletes. Why are they using it? Because it gets results.


IS THIS COURSE FOR YOU? Answer the following: 

  1. Do you have patients and clients that you help with their rehab, fitness or performance goals?

  2. Are you looking for a way to grow your knowledge base and offer a powerful method for tapping into the nervous system?

  3. Are you looking to set yourself apart in the rehab or fitness world and start your background in applied functional neurology?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then YES,  this course is for YOU!

The Intro the NeuFit Method-Fundamentals Course will prepare you to give your patients an elevated level of service and results. 

You’ll master all of the modalities of our input-based approach to rehabilitation and fitness including manual muscle testing and activations, nerve glides, joint mobilizations, and of course get introduced to the most powerful tool in our system, the Neubie.


There's no better time than right now to enhance your skills and give your patients and clients the opportunity to heal, adapt, and grow faster than they ever thought possible with the Introduction to the NeuFit Method course.

Further, if you want to supercharge your practice and learn the techniques that hundreds of certified practitioners use nationwide, join us. 


Completion of this 8-hour course can be online either at home or in your office with your colleagues. At the end of this course, you'll be rewarded with a certificate and have all the tools you need to help your patients heal, adapt, and grow faster than they ever thought possible


  • Intro to Functional Neurology

  • The Basic Neuroscience of Rehabilitation

  • Lower Body Muscle Testing

  • Lower Body Muscle Activations

  • Upper Body Muscle Testing & Activations

  • Joint Mobilizations

  • The NeuFit NEUBIE

  • Nerve Glides

  • Includes a Final Assessment & Certificate of Completion

Learn How the The NeuFit® System Works
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