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THIS HOLIDAY STARTS WITH A NeuFit® THANK YOU At our Austin, Texas clinic, a patient session normally ends with “thank […]


Unlocking the Cycle of Chronic Pain

It may surprise you to know that the brain’s protective response to an injury can lock us into a cycle […]


Our Multiple Sclerosis Bootcamp with Neubie® – Part Two

Last week we introduced you to our recent Multiple Sclerosis bootcamp and some of the powerful feedback our patients shared […]


Notes from Our Multiple Sclerosis Bootcamp – Putting Our Neubie® to Work

Day in and day out, we feel so privileged to do what we do. Working with patients to help them […]


Targeting the Neurological Response to Surgery-based Trauma

In prior blog posts, we’ve discussed how neuromuscular stimulation can improve the quality of recovery from an injury as measured […]


Measuring the Return on Investment (ROI) of a Neubie® Electrical Stimulation Device

Last week, we explored the cost of purchasing a Neubie® device for your practice and reviewed everything that we include […]


How Much Does a Neubie® Device Cost?

By now, it’s pretty likely that you have heard about our FDA-cleared* and patented neuro bio-electric stimulator device, Neubie®. When […]


Practice Made Perfect – Transforming Your Practice with the NeuFit® Method

We admit we get pretty charged when a physical therapy or chiropractic practice integrates the NeuFit® Method and our patented […]


Improving Software & Hardware Injury Rehab with a Neurological Approach

Just as the computers and smart phones we rely on each day to communicate are comprised of software and hardware […]


Neuromuscular Reeducation Rehab: Recovering Patients from Injury

When someone is recovering from an injury, the biggest problem isn’t necessarily the original trauma. Instead, the biggest barrier to […]

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*Because the Neubie Device is the maximum power allowed by law, there are certain regulations imposed by the United States FDA. Neubie may only be sold to an individual by or on the order of a licensed practitioner. Neubie may only be used commercially by a licensed practitioner or under the supervision of a licensed practitioner whose scope of practice covers the use of electrical modalities.