NeuFit Rehabilitation

Pain and injury are symptoms. Rather than chasing symptoms, it is more productive to address the root cause.

The underlying cause of virtually all pain and injury is found in how your nervous system controls your muscles. When this control system is working properly, your muscles are activated to protect your joints, absorb the forces encountered during movement, and keep you safe. This is the healthy state we see in most young children, who can jump off swings and high ledges and land safely. They do not hurt their backs or tear ligaments.

Unfortunately, through different habits and responses to minor and major traumas, the ability to use muscles in this way diminishes. When the neurological control system malfunctions, your muscles can tighten and shorten, losing the shock absorbing ability they are designed to have. Or they can weaken and become less responsive from reduced challenge. When the muscles don't work as they should, force instead goes into the areas like tendons, ligaments, cartilage, discs, etc. that tend to get hurt. Also, other muscles will kick in to try to brace or "splint" the compromised area, which creates excessive tension and feelings of stiffness.

We are not doing therapy or directly treating any of these injured or painful sites. Instead, we find exactly where your neurological signals are dysfunctional and where your muscles are not supporting you as they should. We then teach those muscles to start doing this job again, so they provide the support they're supposed to, protecting the injured or painful area while it can heal. At the same time, our unique, direct-current electrical stimulation can accelerate the biological processes of tissue healing. The net result is a faster recovery.

With this background in mind, NeuFit Rehabilitation includes two parts:

  1. The Manual Work - manual muscle tests to find which muscles are weak, and therefore unable to protect the relevant joints and are setting up the body for problems. When necessary, manual techniques are implemented to create the neurological feedback necessary to regain strength, "turning the muscles back on."

  2. The Machine Work - once we are certain that the neurological signals are able to reach the relevant muscles, we then challenge them with the machine. The machine duplicates the same signals that are sent when muscles eccentrically contract, and thus we are able to test the "shock absorbing" function to see which muscles are not functioning correctly. After identifying them, we can then combine the machine with our movement protocols to retrain these particular aspects of muscle function.




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