Brawn From the Brain.

Tapping into your central nervous system could be your new favorite training method.

Train. Adapt. Evolve
We’re told that there’s no “one-size-fits-all” diet plan, so why would you take the same approach to your training? At Train. Adapt. Evolve. (TAE) Aaron Davis and Patrick Estes are using advanced technology to bridge the gap between health and performance, starting from the inside.

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Garrett Salpeter: Bio-hacking your Nervous System

In today's episode we interview Garrett Salpeter who after receiving his Bachelor's degree in Physics, he moved to Austin to complete his Masters at the University of Texas. He answers our questions on rehabilitation and sorts performance.

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Garrett Salpeter on Training the Nervous System to Move Better

Known as "The Health Engineer," Garrett has taken his education in Physics and Engineering and applied it into a system for making the human body better. His journey started when he picked up ice hockey as a boy. It was a game he loved, but for which he had little natural aptitude.

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 "Welcome to the Wealthy Wellthy Life with Krisstina Wise."

Known as a health engineer, Garrett Salpeter is the founder of Neufit, providing a different perspective on traditional physical therapy by looking at the nervous system. Garrett and his team essentially focus on where there are neurological blockages in the body and re-train the brain to send signals there. Instead of looking at an injury from a muscle perspective, Garrett dives deeper and focuses on strengthening the nervous system through electrotherapy and exercise. For full show notes and to download a FREE copy of the transcript for this episode, visit: 


NeuFit interview on ESPN Radio 104.9 The Horn, June 2016



Garrett on ESPN Radio 104.9:

The Horn, talking with Bucky and Erin about their plan to accelerate Bucky's recovery from knee surgery.




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