About us

Our Mission

Driven by our belief in the power of the human being, NeuFit exists to help willing individuals activate the potential that is present inside of them. Our neurologically-based system is designed to help you achieve greater levels of neurological activation and control in order to heal faster, get fitter, and perform better.

Core Principles

Here at NeuFit we pride ourselves on our values. Our company is built around the following core principles: 

1. The foundation of healing and fitness is neurological. To affect change in these areas we must focus neurologically.

2. We provide a safe environment for people to explore, and expand, their limits - physically, mentally, and emotionally.

3. Technology should be used not to overpower or replace biological systems, but to activate them and stimulate them to work at their highest levels.



912 S Cap of TX Hwy,

Ste 170,

Austin, TX 78746

Phone. 512-225-6909

Email. hello@neu.fit